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HTML popover Attribute

Modals have been an vital a part of web sites for twenty years. Stacking contents and utilizing fetch to perform duties are a good way to enhance UX on each desktop and cell. Sadly most builders do not know that the HTML and JavaScript specs have carried out a local modal system by way of the popover attribute — let’s test it out!


Making a native HTML modal consists of utilizing the popovertarget attribute because the set off and the popover attribute, paired with an id, to determine the content material ingredient:

  "popovertarget" attribute will map to "id" of popover contents
<button popovertarget="popover-contents">Open popover</button>
<div id="popover-contents" popover>That is the contents of the popover</div>

Upon clicking the button, the popover will open. The popover, nevertheless, is not going to have a conventional background layer colour so we’ll must implement that on our personal with some CSS magic.


Styling the contents of the popover content material is fairly normal however we are able to use the browser stylesheet selector’s pseudo-selector to model the “background” of the modal:

/* contents of the popover */
[popover] {
  background: lightblue;
  padding: 20px;

/* the dialog's "modal" background */
[popover]:-internal-popover-in-top-layer::backdrop {
  background: rgba(0, 0, 0, .5);  

:-internal-popover-in-top-layer::backdrop represents the “background” of the modal. Historically that UI has been a component with opacity such to point out the stacking relationship.

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