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JavaScript: Reverse Arrays

Manipulating knowledge is core to any programming language. JavaScript isn’t any exception, particularly as JSON has token over as a first-rate knowledge supply format. One such knowledge manipulation is reversing arrays. You could need to reverse an array to indicate most up-to-date transactions, or easy alphabetic sorting.

Reversing arrays with JavaScript initially was performed by way of reverse however that may mutate the unique array:

// First worth:
const arr = ['hi', 'low', 'ahhh'];

// Reverse it with out reassigning:

// Worth:
arr (3) ['ahhh', 'low', 'hi']

Modifying the unique array is a legacy methodology. To keep away from this mutation, we might copy the array after which reverse it:

const reversed = [...arr].reverse();

Today we will use toReversed to keep away from mutating the unique array:

const arr = ['hi', 'low', 'ahhh'];
const reversed = arr.toReversed(); // (3) ['ahhh', 'low', 'hi'];
arr; // ['hi', 'low', 'ahhh']

Avoiding mutation of information objects is extremely necessary in a programming language like JavaScript the place object references are significant.

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