I lately purchased an ipad with ios 16.6. After I tried to put in Skype, it refused to do it and not using a Contact ID. After I put my finger to the button, it wrote one thing like fee is authorised. Does it imply that Micro$oft took cash for putting in Skype? Or that it’s going to take cash for utilizing Skype every time it needs to?

PS: I’m alleged to edit my query to elucidate how does the query “Why do I want a bank card when I’m downloading a free app from the app retailer on a iPad mini” is totally different from mine.

  1. Fingerprint and bank card are two various things, so I do not perceive why ought to it reply my query. Bank card is an object. Fingerpint is just not an object.
  2. That query was requested 9 years 10 months in the past.
  3. The principle reply begins with “I do not know of any option to arrange an current Apple ID to be used with the App Retailer with out supplying a bank card (or different fee supply) (until it is an iCloud account, I feel — it is not utterly constant).” Does it imply (I’m simply making an attempt to make sense of the “Your query has been recognized as a attainable duplicate of one other query”) that now you want a fingerprint to arrange an current ID to be used with the App Retailer? Why?

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